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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
Brazilian Music - concert
Friday, September 22, 5pm
La Reseña de La Alborada
Friday, September 22, 5pm
Meet the Artist, photo opening
PhotoGraphic Gallery
Saturday, September 23, 11am-6pm
Bullfight / Corrida de Toros
Saturday, September 23, 4pm
Casa Aurora - opening /inauguración
Saturday, September 23, 4pm
Viejas Psicopáticas, Caja Negra - teatro
22, 23, Septiembre; Viernes 7pm, Sábado 6pm
Help Save Native Trees, Audubon
Saturday, Sunday, September 23, 24, 8-11am
Gay Social & Friends
Sunday, September 24, 5-7pm
Otomi Village Excursion
Monday, September 25, 1-4pm
Migrant Documentary, Las Abogadas
Tuesday, September 26, 5:30-7pm
Los Perros - teatro, El Charco del Ingenio
Jueves, 28 de Septiembre, 4pm
Dine With Purpose, Alma / Rosewood
Thursday, September 28, 6-11pm
Bullfight / Corrida de La Alborada
Friday, September 29, 7:30pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, September 30, 10am-1pm
The Art of Fountain Pens + Inks, Alejandro Anaya
Saturday, September 30, 10am-2pm
Geek & Coffee Bazaar
Saturday, September 30, 10am-5pm
Democrats Abroad Brunch
Saturday, September 30, 11:30am
Blessing of the Horses - spirit
Saturday, September 30, 12:30-2pm
Mexico Historical Portraits - exhibit
Saturdays, September 23, 30, 2-4pm
Entrance of Xuchiles
Saturday, September 30, 5pm
Alborada and Festival of St. Michael
Saturday, Sunday, September 30, October 1
High Holidays, JC3/CHESMA
Friday, September 15-Saturday, October 7
Feria SMA Fair
Friday, September 22-Sunday, October 8
Live Music
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On One Foot

by Dr. David Fialk


It is astounding that our brains can fathom higher mathematics, when such capacity would have conferred no survival advantage to our ancient ancestors on the African savannah.

Ethical systems around the world are the result of religion. Charity, justice, tolerance, community, to the extent that they do exist, exist due to transcendental ideals first embodied in religion.

I remember a conversation I had with Anado over my famous miso soup, during which he asserted, while stirring another dollop of miso into his bowl, "We don't need religion." "You don't need religion," I countered, "Without religion people would be eating each other."

"Pretty darn swell"
John Dos Passos in Mexico

by Philip Gambone


Arriving in the Mexico City, he found everything "pretty darn swell … a darn sight more interesting than I'd expected. Everything is exciting and comical and full of drunkenness and fornication."

"You can see Mexico being pushed into the small end of the funnel of North America with the full weight of Yanquilandia crushing down."

Accessibility in Baja California
Casa Cabo Pulmo

House + House Architects

by Cathi and Steven House


A small community, with little infrastructure, no builders or materials nearby, Cabo Pulmo is very far off the beaten path. Designing an accessible home in a place that is itself barely accessible presented a multitude of challenges.

...the columns for the terraces shaped from beautiful tree trunks strangled by vines, which we found in Michoacán and shipped across the Sea of Cortes; amazing granite we used for the kitchen counters which looks like an aerial photo of the arroyos, mountains and canyons of this land.

Kings of the Campo
3 Kings' Day Toy Drive

by Les Pearson


Many of the children in the rural communities around San Miguel never receive anything on Three Kings Day, the traditional yuletide gift-giving day here in Mexico.

Their smiles tell it all.. or almost all, because my volunteers receive presents of another, less-tangible kind. Each of them tells me that this day is the most special of the year for them.

Entrance of Xúchiles
Sunday, September 30

by Thomas Humphrey, photos and text


Xuchiles are funeral offerings in the form of flowers and cacti about two meters wide and the height of a story-and-a- half building.

Empowering Women
The Rug Hooking Project

Tours Every Thursday

by Charlotte Bell


You will see them sitting under a tree on the hillside tending the cows and working on their rugs. Or you may find them working late at night by kitchen tables after their children are asleep.

Recovering My $1000
The Computer Corner

by Charles Miller


The common denominator in these cases and many others that followed is that the customers had to pay lawyers and to go to court. That alone is a good reason to practice online safety when banking.

A Light of San Miguel / Una Luz de SMA

by / por Jack Paulus

Entrada de los Xúchiles
Domingo, 30 de Septiembre

por Thomas Humphrey, fotos y texto


Xuchiles son ofrendas funerarias en forma de flores y cactus de unos dos metros de ancho y la altura de un edificio de planta y media.

Crossword Puzzle - 11

by Sheridan Sansegundo

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"Her writing is like the conversation of a clever, worldly friend who we wish would come by more often."
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Most of my life I've tried to be invisible, hiding under rugs, to not be eaten alive by sharks.
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pictorial / pictórico
Saturdays, Sept. 23 and 30

Virginia Harford
Photos in this exhibition, Mexico Historical Portrait, were taken 56 years ago in 1967.
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pictorial / pictórico
· A Heartbreaking Song on a Permanent Loop
Robert J Hawkins

I was ready to let the song haunt me all night.
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Natalie Taylor

It was the font in which Ignacio Allende was baptized in 1769.
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Charles Miller

"Stay away from the internet! It’s nothing but a cesspool of scams and viruses."
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Sheridan Sansegundo
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