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Lokkal Internet: Local Community Participation


Terms of Service

Lokkal is an interactive platform of an informative, social and advertising nature, which expands day by day creating a network of users, events, interests, businesses and institutions that constantly benefit from the exchange of services that they offer. In this way, each user benefits by obtaining accurate information that you will see about the content that said network of users offers.

At Lokkal we feel the commitment and responsibility to provide all our users with the best experience in safe and reliable browsing, where young people and adults have the necessary and appropriate tools f for community on the web.

Notice of Privacy

At Lokkal we protect and safeguard your personal data to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, loss, alteration, or unauthorized access to your personal data.

Lokkal is responsible for the internal data storage system and guarantees the care of these, but does not assume responsibility for the exposure of personal information caused by any user, nor the exposure of sensitive data of the user that causes it.

Lokkal reserves the right to remove all types of content that alter or expose the privacy and personal information of users, if they report such content.

Advertisers and User Data Use

Our platform does not charge users for making use of the services mentioned in these Terms of Use. Advertising will have a cost that will be covered by those who wish to make use of it. It should always be borne in mind that this network has several objectives, all with the same degree of importance and one of them is that all users who own businesses, businesses of various categories, organizations, physical establishments or online stores can project themselves and make themselves known with our filter and tag system to interact with the desired audience. This is why paid advertisements will be shown frequently in Lokkal, taking care not to negatively affect your experience in this space.

By accepting these terms, you will agree that we show you ads that we consider to your liking and interest, taking into account the tags you use on your profile, page, events and posts. In this procedure you will begin to be part of the demographic data that we will use to inform advertisers about the visualizations that their business receives in Lokkal.

At Lokkal we will not sell your private information or your personal data such as, first and last name, emails or telephone numbers; To any advertiser or anyone, we will not make corrupt or improper use of your public information or private messaging. We will only extract the tags that have been chosen by you in order to establish a system for selecting a specific audience to be the viewers of certain advertisements and posts.

Search System

We provide you with a comprehensive search system, which allows you to find what you are looking for in a precise, fast and particular way. You can search for events, posts, map icons, pages and people profiles, using name or tag, so that you can instantly and accurately locate what you have in mind, including several aspects in the same search.

Of course, in this search system, other users can also find you. It is important that you configure your privacy menu according to your preference, so that you feel protected and at the same time present your content to the Lokkal user network and with the public with whom you want to connect.


Having indicated the purposes and commitment of our platform to the community, we have established a series of Terms of Service that describe what the user's behavior should be; what is allowed to publish and what is not.

It is essential to note that all the content that you want to publish in Lokkal, must be local, understood as 'local', the territory that corresponds to a city or town, both pages and events and publications must reflect content of the town where it has been registered your profile.
We suggest that when you change your address, the city in your Lokkal profile is also modified, this premise is vital, whose main objective is that the search engine works accurately and optimally both for the users who provide the content, and for who receive it.

Example: My profile was created in San Miguel de Allende, but I live in Querétaro; When publishing content about establishments, events, products or services in Querétaro, users of San Miguel de Allende will not be seeing local content, this may create confusion and they will begin to report said content, in that case Lokkal will have to eliminate all foreign publications to avoid wrong results returned by search filters.

We urge the entire Lokkal community to comply with the Terms of Service correctly, in order to avoid abuse, cybercrime, harassment, violence, bullying and other unfortunate derivatives due to non-compliance with the conditions.

We must promote values, respect, safety and equity to achieve a protected, constructive and respectful environment, where all people can make use of their right of expression without fear of redress and without violating the rights of others, generating hatred and discomfort as appropriate. the severity of the case.

We have divided the Terms of Service into sections that simplify each punishable action by the user and the reaction by Lokkal. In each section, we indicate the removal of the content with which a rule was violated and we describe the procedure for restricting or blocking users.

We request the entire community of Lokkal, to report both users and content, that are violating our Terms of Service, even if it is a light or serious fault. A review will be effectively carried out, which will result in a fair result.

At Lokkal we have a team specialized in detecting users who misuse our services, who violate our conditions and affect the healthy coexistence of and in the community. Our team will study the relevant cases and apply the appropriate measures, either by providing help regarding doubts, removal of content, user sanction, removal of personal accounts or pages; and given the seriousness and if the case warrants it, the corresponding legal authorities will be contacted.

Account suspension

By violating these Terms of Service, the case will be evaluated and depending on the severity, the following situations can be carried out:
    • The removal of the post: text, link, image, video, gif, audio, event...
    • The restriction of the account for a certain time.
    • The definitive elimination of the personal account.
    • The restriction of the page for a certain time.
    • The definitive elimination of the page.
    • The deactivation of the option to create events from the personal account, for a certain or definitive time.
    • Other.

The user can request a review of the case to avoid the deletion of his account.

If the cause was severe and extreme, your account will not be enabled again and you will be required to refrain from creating another account on Lokkal.


The technology and tools used in the development of Lokkal will be periodically renewed through trials and surveys. The objective is to provide our users with a better quality in the functions and in each service that we offer in this space.

Similarly, we will be updating our Terms of Service to achieve improvement for the benefit of the Lokkal community, establishing corrections and a practical system by using new guidelines that correct possible mistakes.


"Lokkal", the Lokkal logo, and individual service names are trademarks of Lokkal. When you accept these Terms of Service, you also agree to respect the Lokkal brand, avoiding infringement of any nature against this trademark and its services.

Devices and Rates:

Our service and application are free, please note that normal costs of your personal internet operator will apply when you start browsing our platform.

Your responsibility when using Lokkal:

    • You must use your real name.
    • You can only create one personal account (profile).
    • The personal information you provide must be correct in order to avoid plagiarism or misuse of the personal account, such as fraud and scams.
    • Your password is not transferable, it is important that you keep the security of your account, which is for personal and unique use.
    • You will not use Lokkal if your age is less than 14 years old.
    • If your age is under 18, you must have the permission of your parents or legal guardians, to register in Lokkal.
    • You will not use Lokkal if we previously deleted your account for having breached our Terms of Service.
    • On Lokkal it is forbidden for you to upload viruses, malicious codes or carry out activities in order to disable, damage, modify the appearance or alter the functions of our platform.
    • You are prohibited from accessing our private programming data or source code without authorization.

Lokkal's permission to use content shared or created by you:

You agree that the content you upload to Lokkal has UNIVERSAL LICENSE.

Lokkal reserves the license to use the content you upload, in order for it to be shared and reproduced by other users, this procedure will adjust to the privacy settings you have chosen on the content.

If you delete the content or your account, the content you have shared will be effectively deleted, but any posts that have been replicated by other users will remain in effect.

Use of external links:

At Lokkal we are not responsible for the use of external links shared within the application or website. The sensitive information that a third party link may contain is not intellectual property controlled by Lokkal.

At Lokkal we reserve the right to remove any external link published on our system, which does not comply with Lokkal's Terms of Service.

Lokkal permission to update application software:

By downloading the Lokkal application in the store, you are giving us authorization to run the update of our software on your computer, whenever it is appropriate.

We recommend that you set the configuration of your phone so that the application will notify you before making an update. Alternatively, you can configure it so that this procedure is performed automatically and without notifying you.

Use of Cookies

The use of Cookies is designed so that our system collects some user data, such as your operating system, your web browser, IP address, internet pages visited or the last date of your visit.

This procedure is in use to achieve a better user experience in managing our application and website.

By accepting the use of Cookies on our website or application, you are authorizing the storage of computer data (not sensitive) in our system.

Limitations of use of our Intellectual Property:

Lokkal reserves all rights related to its Intellectual Property. Users can make use of all tools available, with the exception of our source code and its derivatives.

Each user must comply with copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Lokkal's Limits of Liability:

At Lokkal we strive to create and offer a safe and comfortable space in which each user can interact freely. However, due to our large flow of users we may not always be successful in this. Therefore we exclude ourselves from any responsibility, whether explicit or implicit, for marketing, suitability for a specific use, title or non-infringement.

We are not responsible for the actions or behaviors carried out by users, either on the internet or off the internet, including but not limited to situations that provoke negative feelings, offensive, inappropriate, illegal, obscene, irritating or controversial content, since we have no control or influence over our users and their intentions.

Likewise, we exempt ourselves from any responsibility derived from the malfunction of the Lokkal tools, such as delays in loading, imperfections, interruptions or related errors. It is our duty to point out that we cannot guarantee that this space is always completely secure from hackers, malware or imperfect updates.

Legal Provisions

By establishing these Terms of Service we are attempting to avoid disputes between you and us. If any arise, please let us know.

It is not in Lokkal's power to forecast problems in the operation of the system, even though we have been warned. Due to this, our responsibility will be limited as much as the applicable legislation allows. Therefore, we will not assume responsibilities for loss of data information, loss of earnings or income, or for damages from, particular, specific, indirect, exemplary, punishable or accidental injury that manifests itself as a result of the application of these Terms of Service or the operation of our system or Lokkal in general.


Community Standards for the publication of content such as:
Text, Images, Videos, Gifs, Audios, Links or Events, in Personal Profiles or Pages.

Hate speech and hate speech:

In Lokkal, the use of hate speech is not allowed. A hate speech or language that incites hatred, is defined as the direct attack on a specific person or group of people, whether due to their nationality, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, social status, disability, disease, immigrant status, among others. Content that directly attacks other users can be described as discrimination, violent spoken, written, or graphic expressions, statements of inferiority, and requests for exclusion or segregation.

The use of violent or offensive language is prohibited, unless the content is intended to educate or make users aware of a certain topic. The reported post will be withdrawn once reviewed and the author of the post that violated the rules will be penalized.

At Lokkal, we encourage users to responsibly exercise the right to their freedom of expression and the use of their real data to avoid abuse on behalf of false identities.

Content that contains elements on violence will be removed:

    • Content in which violence is driven and promoted.
    • Content in which human and animal suffering and humiliation are celebrated and extolled.
    • Explicit content about people or animals who are victims of physical violence with the exception of sporting events.
    • Content in which violence is approved and encouraged as a form of sensational visual pleasure.
    • Images, gifs, links and videos showing dying, injured or dead people, especially if they include: dismemberments, visible internal organs, charred or burned people or animals, mutilated people or animals, victims of cannibalism.
    • Sensational content that shows child abuse.
    • Content that shows strangulation or suffocation by an adult or animal, except if occurring naturally among wild animals.
    • Content about animals being killed, except if occurring naturally among wild animals.
    • Content that shows drowning, except if occurring naturally among wild animals.
    • Content about bites except if occurring naturally among wild animals.
    • Poisoning content with explicit images, poison promotion, recipes and tutorials for poisoning human or animal.
    • Content where burns or cuts are carried out on human skin or live animals.
    • Content promoting or forcing smoking or inhaling any type of narcotic.
    • Explicit content about violently throwing, turning, or shaking a child or animal.
    • Videos or photos of child abuse, according to the terms established above, except where, by context or through subtitles, it is intended to make people aware of this issue or to report it.
    • Acts of torture committed against animals.
    • Bites an animal for cruelty purposes.
    • Images of fights between animals in which visible entrails or dismemberments are shown, except if occurring naturally among wild animals, captured on camera by chance.
    • Explicit content on killing animals except in the context of hunting, industrial production, preparation or food processing.
    • Images or videos showing the violent death of one or several people by accident or murder, for morbid and disturbing purposes.
    • Images or videos, published for morbid and disturbing purposes, showing acts of torture committed against people.
    • Images or videos of physical bullying or violence against minors without a text that denounces them.
    • Images and videos showing how non-medical foreign objects (such as metal objects, blades or nails) are inadvertently introduced to people or animals causing serious injury or not.
    • Images, videos or gifs that contain holes in patterns related to Tripophobia.

The graphic content related to violence, used as a means to debate a topic, educate and raise public awareness, may be published with the aforementioned limitations in order to avoid promoting morbid and sensationalism. Lokkal is an interactive platform for users over the age of 14. We are committed to provide our users with a safe experience when interacting in this space.

Nudes, sexual activity and fetishism:

We reserve the right to restrict content on nudity and explicit sexual activity, in order to protect users who show sensitivity to this type of exhibition and minors who interact on our platform.

Posts of this type will be eliminated when published without consent or in which minors appear.

Posting sexually explicit content is not permitted. The posting of nudes can only be published if its purpose is artistic, educational, medical, humorous or satirical, examples: breastfeeding, self-examination for the prevention or detection of cancer, mastectomy scars, process of a birth, plays, a sculpture, photographs of paintings, and other artistic and medical expressions.

The following types of content on real nudes will be removed:
    • Genitalia and nakedness in sight.
    • Visible anus.

The following types of content on sexual activity will be removed:
    • Explicit sexual relations.
    • Explicit sexual intercourse linked to mouths or genitals entering or in contact with the genitals or anus of another person, where at least the genitals of one of the people are visible.
    • Implicit sexual intercourse, linked to mouths or genitals that enter or are in contact with another person's genitals or anus, even if the contact is not seen directly.
    • Implicit stimulation of the genitals or anus, defined as stimulation of the genitals or insertion of objects into them, even if the contact is not seen directly.
    • Sexual relationships where a minor is implicitly or explicitly found.
    • Content that promotes the Pedophile Activist Movement and its activities on sexual relations with minors.
    • Content promoting the NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) and its activities on sexual relations with minors.
    • Erections.
    • Ejaculation.
    • Presence of elements related to sexual activity.
    • Stimulation of the genitals or anus, even if it is over or under clothing.
    • Use of sex toys, even if it is over or under clothing.
    • Stimulation of bare human nipples.
    • Compression or stimulation of naked female breasts.

The following types of fetish content including:
    • Acts that can cause the death of a person or an animal.
    • Dismemberments.
    • Cannibalism.
    • Stool, urine, spit, mucus, menstruation, ejaculation or vomiting.

    • Content in which non-explicit sexual activity (intercourse or other sexual activities) is not directly visible.
    • The content has been published in an educational, medical or scientific context.
    • Images are not detailed enough and only diffuse body shapes or contours are seen.
    • The use of sexually explicit language is allowed only if it does not go beyond the following examples:

"A state of sexual excitement"
"The act of having sex"

Request for sexual services

At Lokkal, we want to preserve the safety and integrity of our users, for this reason it is necessary for each person to report the explicit sexual language and any request received about sexual encounters and all types of harassment, including reliable evidence in a given situation. We are committed to preventing the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors and adults.

The publication of educational events on this subject is allowed as we recognize the importance of the debates established to alert the population.

The following types of content on sexual services will be removed:
    • Attempts to coordinate sexual encounters or to recruit people for sexual activities involving adults or children, such as videotaped or photographed sexual acts, pornographic activities or dances and erotic massages.
    • Sexual, erotic or tantric massages.
    • Pornographic activities, strip club shows, live sexual performances and erotic dances.
    • Explicit sexual requests, defined as offering or asking for sex, sexual partners, and nude images.
    • Implicit sexual requests, defined as mention of a sexual act with at least one of the following suggestive elements:
      ◦ Vague suggestive statements such as "I'm looking to have a good time tonight."
      ◦ Slang of a sexual nature.
      ◦ Sexual advances such as mentioning sexual roles and positions and situations of explicit fetishism.
      ◦ Content (hand drawn, digital, or real art) that may depict explicit sexual activities or people in suggestive poses.
      ◦ Offers or requests for other activities between adults, such as commercial pornography or couples who share sexual fetish interests, threesomes or orgies.
      ◦ Sexually explicit language that exposes or describes the sexual act.
    • Content that requests or offers other activities such as:
      ◦ Commercial pornography.
    • Sexually explicit language that details and goes beyond simply naming or mentioning:
      ◦ "A state of sexual excitement" Words like: lubrication, erection or ejaculation.
      ◦ "A sexual relationship" Words like: sexual penetration, masturbation or fetish practices.

Promote crime:

Content that promotes crime is prohibited. The publication of criminal acts committed by the same author of the post is not allowed. At Lokkal we encourage the entire community to comply with civil laws that build crime-free citizenship that contributes to social development and healthy coexistence.

The following types of content that promote crime will be removed:
    • Posts that make visible and promote criminal acts committed by the user, people close to or related to him.
    • Images or videos that show physical violence against one or more people, with the exception of content for sports purposes.
    • Images or videos about thefts.
    • Images or videos about vandalism or damage to public or private property.
    • Fraud images, videos or audios.
    • Images or videos about trafficking in arms, narcotics or organs.
    • Images or videos about violence or sexual exploitation, including the sexual assaults mentioned in the sections referring to sexual activity.

Content for cruel and insensitive purposes:

At Lokkal we choose to provide a web space free of abuse and cruelty with the aim of making people feel comfortable when interacting and expressing themselves without feeling victims of unscrupulous and indecent attacks. For this reason we have established another section in the Terms of Service, which refers to the emotional damage that abusive posts may cause.

The following types of cruel and insensitive content will be removed:
    • Images or videos that promote cruelty to people, bullying them for physical injuries or disabilities.
    • Images or videos that promote cruelty towards people with diseases, disorders or disabilities.
    • Images or videos that promote non-consensual sexual contact.
    • Images or videos that promote self-harm.
    • Mocking and callous expressions containing offenses towards religious beliefs.
    • Bullying and insensitive expressions that promote discrimination towards people in migratory conditions.
    • Bullying and insensitive expressions about racial, ethnic or social strata.


In order to prevent the spread of Spam on our platform, we reserve the right to remove all content that is intended to viralize or repeat unsolicited advertising, fraud, security breaches and false or anonymous identification and misleading profiles.

The following types of content considered spam will be removed:
    • Fake accounts that have the purpose of pretending to be a business, an organization, a public figure or any other person.
    • The creation of forced connections.
    • Repeatedly sending unsolicited messages to people.
    • The use of false names for fictitious accounts.
    • Creation of a profile that pretends to be another person, entity or speak on their behalf.
    • The use of profile images of another person pretending to be her.
    • Redirection to false, damaging or useless URLs.
    • False, fraudulent or repeating events.
    • Fraudulent advertising of fictitious businesses.
    • Misuse of intellectual property.

Types of content not allowed for the publication of events in Lokkal:

    • Illegal shooting activities.
    • Events that promote attacks against race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.
    • Self-harm.
    • Clandestine automotive races, without the consent of the authorities.
    • Poaching and events that promote it.
    • Purchase and sale of weapons not authorized by the state.
    • Purchase and sale of narcotic drugs and narcotics in general.
    • Sexual encounters and events that promote it.
    • Events that promote animal fights and all activities that incite animal suffering.
    • Medical, educational events or debates that promote clandestine abortion.
    • Events that promote harassment of any kind.
    • Events that promote crimes.
    • Events that promote abuse and bullying (school and non-school bullying).
    • Events that promote suicide.
    • Events that promote euthanasia.
    • Events promoting kidnapping.
    • Invitation to commit a crime and events that promote it.
    • Violent demonstrations or marches.
    • Street fights between people.
    • Events that promote illegal activities.

Characteristics to take into account when publishing Events:

• Events are limited in time and involve people sharing an experience. (So a sale in a store or a dinner special are not events. however a pop-up sale/trunk show from 1-4 pm would be an event.)
• Events must have the exact local location, belonging to the city or town where it will take place.
Example: It is not allowed to create an event in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and the location of the event is in Querétaro.
• Repeated posting of events is not allowed; the events with the same name, date, time and place, will be withdrawn and their creator will be reprimanded to avoid repeating the offense.

When publishing events, it is vitally important for the creator to know how to differentiate between what is considered an event and what is not:

Examples of Events:


Title: Soccer Match, Titans Vs. Jaguares
Date: May 18, 2021
Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: University Stadium of Granada, Av. Universidad
Cost: $ 50 MXN
Tags: #futbolpartido #familiar event #football #universitystatus #sport #titans #jaguares #encuentrodeportivo
Description: Enjoy a soccer match between the two teams from the University of Granada, a family event for all ages, bring children and your friends, pets are allowed.

The previous example denotes an event open to the general public, whether paid or free, it should be considered that an event is NOT an activity that is only directed to a group of selected people.


Title: Musical Clinic, The Modern Figure of Jazz
Date: January 23, 2021
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Place: House of Culture, El Chorro
Cost: Free
Tags: #clinicamusical #jazz #musica #taller #casadelacultura #musicologos #produccionmusical
Description: Do not miss the musical clinic on the Jazz genre, taught by maestro Jaime Benavides. An event aimed at jazz musicians and specialists, producers and musicologists.

The previous example indicates that the public to which the activity is directed is specific, but it is not a closed or private event.

Examples of activities that are NOT events:


Title: Soccer classes for children
Date: Monday - Wednesday - Friday
Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Place: CEPEF Soccer Academy, Special Center for Soccer Teaching, Av. América
Cost: $ 150 MXN (each class)
Tags: #football #training #classes #children #sport #mixedclasses #futbol academy
Description: Mixed classes and soccer training for children from 5 to 12 years old. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the year. Aimed at boys and girls. We start the registration period.

The previous example is not an event, because it is an activity that is repeated without an end date, there are recurring events such as workshops and courses, made up of two or more sessions, having a start date and an end date.

For the publication of classes, workshops, practices, presentations, trainings and other continuous activities without an end date, we recommend the creation of an official page that invites these activities, using tags such as: #classes #work #course #training #teaching # practice, among others.


Title: Graduation Party, Promotion XXIII
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Place: Restaurant - Bar El Fogón de Cicilia, Av. Intercomunal
Cost: $ 300 MXN
Tags: #graduation party #students #graduation #preparatory
Description: Let's celebrate our graduation party with an unforgettable night, we wait for the entire XXIII Class of the San José High School, 40 students, 4 teachers, our director and his guests.

The example above shows a specific invitation from a group of people to a private party, it is not considered an event for publication in the Lokkal directory.

Lokkal reserves the right to refuse, restrict, eliminate, prevent the publication of any content whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, photos, videos, texts, comments, posts, event, profiles, pages, map listings... that Lokkal considers inappropriate.


Date of last update:

Our Terms of Use have been last modified on 02/21/2021

To ask questions regarding this Terms of Service policy document users may email: