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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México

Persiguiendo Sombras - teatro
Viernes, 23 de Septiembre, 6pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, September 24, 10am-1pm
Side by Side, Brenzo-Reece, photos - opening
Saturday, September 24, 11am-3pm
Amigos de Animales Fund Raiser
Saturday, September 24, 1-3-6pm
Elvia Samaniego - openings
Saturday, September 24, 4pm, 6pm
Design Walk, Distrito Soma
Saturday, September 24, 5-7pm
Presentación editorial Cuenca
Sáturday, 24 de Septiembre, 5pm
Blues Night Concert, Craig Caffall
Saturday, September 24, 6pm
Imagine Peace, UU- spirit
Sunday, September 25, 10:30am
El Tiempo de los Cacus - teatro
Domingo, 25 de Septiembre, 12pm, 5pm
LGBT Gathering, Reunión
Sunday, September 25, 5-7pm
Goldman Environmental Prize? - Global Justice
Monday, September 26, 1pm, online
Jewish Film Festival - talk
Tuesday, September 27, 9:30am
Color Me Picasso, Jan Bowen - opening
Bordello Gallery
Wednesday, September 28, 5-8pm
Todo y Nada, Reading / Open Mic
Wednesday, September 28, 6pm
Bullfight / Corrida de Toros
Friday, September 30, 7pm
Art Walk, Fabrica la Aurora
Saturday, October 1, 5-7pm
Art Exhibition/Live Rock Show
Saturday, October 1, 5pm-1am
Entrance of the Xúchiles
Sunday, October 2, 5-8am, approximately
September 30-October 2
La Bohème Ensemble and Darbukanos
Thursday, October 6, 6:30-8pm
Feria San Miguel Fair
September 26-October 9
Live Music
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Parts and Wholes

by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher


There is no thin line between genius and madness. It's just that genius pays the bills, usually handsomely. Besides, in a capitalist society, if you are off your rocker and making a lot of money, then you are not crazy, you are eccentric.

Curing polio or smallpox is one thing, but you do not want to put scientists in charge of complicated social-economic phenomena.

After the hacienda workers were freed from their slavery, lacking a sense of their own dignity, the common Mexican had to be taught to respond, to greet other people in the street, to say one of the Mexican equivalents of "Hello."

This retreat into our own private worlds is the malady affecting our whole society. Our barbarism is our divisiveness, our inability to feel communal.

Independence Day Parade
pictorial / pictórico

by Paynal Ward, text and photos


I wanted to pick up the feel of the solemness of the event. I decided to use black and white with a high contrast to create the darker feel.

Look closely at the faces in these images. Look at the expressions. They tell something.

...too many years shooting in a city that looked almost entirely like it was staged, scene-complete with actors. L.A. just burns you out.

We try to get people out of el Centro to see the amazing murals that have been and are being created. This town is over-brimming with talent.

Mexicanos en Acción
Exposición Colectiva

pictorial / pictórico

Erik Zavala, photos / fotos

Casa Europa

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Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher
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Valeria Ascencio
We cannot forget Antonio Banderas on the terrace of one of the best hotels in the city...
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