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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
Meet the Artist, Watch Him Paint - opening
Bordello Gallery
Friday, January 27, 3:30-6pm
La Serie de las Cosas - teatro
Viernes, 27 de Enero, 8pm y 10pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, January 28, 10am-1pm
Galeria Atotonilco, Open House
Saturday, Sunday, January 28, 29,noon-5pm
MX-Canada Concert - Opera SM
Saturday, January 28, 2pm
Alas Flamenco, Patricia Linares
Saturday January 28, 6pm
Food for Body and Soul, UU- spirit
Sunday, January 29, 10:30am
Otomi Village Excursion
Sunday, January 29, 11:30am-2:30pm
Holocaust Hero - brunch, talk
Sunday, January 29, brunch 11:30am-1pm, talk 1-2pm, Q&A
Guadalupe Art Walk
Saturday, Sunday, January 28, 29, 12-5pm
Jupiter String Quartet, Pro Musica - concerts
Friday, Sunday, January 27, 29, 5pm
Mexico, Medicine and Me: Cardiac Care
Tuesday, January 31, 2-3:30pm
Meet the Artist - Handmade Paper Art
Tomlinson Gallery
Wednesdays, 11am-3pm and by appt.
Sacred Encounter, David Leonardo - opening
Galeria Pergola
Wednesday, February 1, 1-5pm
Constelaciones Familiares
Miercoles, 1 de Febrero, 4pm
Viva Vivaldi - concert
Thursday, February 2, 7pm
Ruben Morales, My Mexico - opening
Bordello Gallery
Friday, February 3, 6-8pm
Salsa Lovers Meetup and Dance Class
Friday, February 3, 7:30-9pm
Golf Malanquin
Saturday, Sunday, February 4, 5, 10:30am-7pm
Art Walk, Fabrica la Aurora
Saturday, February 4, 5-7pm
Howling, 4 One-Act Performances, by 1 Woman - theater
Friday, Saturday, February 3, 4, 5pm
Companions, Susan Fiori, New paintings - opening
Gal. San Francisco, Fabrica Art Walk
Saturday, February 4, 5-7pm
Comedy Benefit, Mujeres en Cambio
February 3, 4; Friday 4pm, Saturday 6:30pm
Ilya Yakushev, piano, Thomas Mesa, cello, Pro Musica
Thursday, Friday, Sunday, February 2, 3, 5, 5pm
The Long Weekend - theater
January 26-29, February 2-5, Thur-Sat 7pm, Sun 1pm
Glass Sculpture, Casting - 6-day course
Monday-Saturday, February 6-11, 10am-6pm
Live Music
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Eating and Sleeping

by Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher


For me it was rebirth, ending as it did with me pressed between their bodies, enclosed, like a babe in the womb.

Two circus acrobats, they spun, turned, flipped and caressed, locked together like dolphins at play.

When I'm hungry, I get irritable, like my taciturn father. When I'm tired, I get sad, like my narcissist mother.

Entering an Indian Palace

by Luba Nikolayev, text and photos

My husband and I are on our first date since moving to San Miguel. I'm more than ready for some adult time. We're attending an Indian classical musical concert followed by a catered banquet at a private home.

We enter into the expanding courtyard and notice my energy immediately shift. I'm calmer as I inhale deeply taking it all in.

The music seems to have a handle on time, sometimes it feels slow, like everything is melting, and the next moment it speeds up, taking my heart rate with it.

Migrating Textiles
An Unexpected Benefit

Fri, Sat, Feb 3, 4

by Lena Bartula


With her dying breath, Liliana Gaynor told Jean Montgomery, "There are some black plastic bags in the top of the closet. Those are for you."

Jean discovered textiles collected during Liliana's journeys of 40 years, in Guatemala and around the world.

Specializing in women's reproductive health and childbirth, she delivered more than 6000 babies in an era when few women were working in what was then a man's field.

Black Loft

by Valentina Deffís, photos and architectural design


...according to the client's request that only all natural pigments, plasters and finishes in a Pre-hispanic color palette be used.

MyStudio Art Walk, 2023

Sat, Sun, Feb 18, 19

Liked it so much, I bought a box. OK, two.

by Don Day


Usually my wine finds have been courtesy of something posted on a website. Not just me out on a search and destroy mission.

Inexpensive California wines began to change dramatically about 20 years ago. I don’t know how winemakers did it and I have always been bewildered by their talents. But their wines suddenly seemed to get much more fruity.

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· Freedom's Cost
Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher
Free speech is messy, but "the marketplace of ideas" works.
· Art from Upset, Post-Move Creativity
Alejandro Anaya, text, photos, art
The trick is to use the upset to our advantage.
· The Art of Looking
Susan Fassberg
A stone vessel in an abandoned courtyard feels like a portal to another time and space.
· Searching for Lost Family, More than Cousins
Bruce Sarbit
"If Bruce Sarbit is still alive, tell him I am Alain Gaubert, the nephew of Charles Goldberg."
· The Nude Model, Figure This...
Opening, Sun, Jan 29

At that time the painters, spectators, and collectors were men.
· What the Hell Does He Know?
Dr. David Fialk, Editor / Publisher
Taking photos doesn't make you a photographer. Painting a canvas doesn't make you an artist.
· Creatividad Post Mudanza
Alejandro Anaya, texto, fotos, arte
Solo tenemos que aprender a usar la disrupción a nuestro favor.
· Where Can We Live in Peace?, ABBA House
Documentary, Thursday, February 2, 4pm
The new center will be an example to the world of what is possible
· San Miguel's Forgotten (by me) Asian Restaurant
Don Day
It was rather revolutionary in its day. The first chef-driven restaurant ever in SMA.
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