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Me and My Big Mouth

by Dr David, Editor / Publisher


When it comes to maintaining other people's confidences, I am as silent as the grave. But about myself, I share unshareable things.

I have a lot of confidence in my dentist... Not tall, he was yet his university basketball team's "secret weapon." Brought in towards the end of a close game, they called him "Triplero" for his ability to sink the long, three-point shots. Then, he is a black-belt in Tae Kwon Do.

I was able to disassociate, to somewhat leave my body, to take a deep breath and sink into another dimension... auto-hypnosis, I suppose. From that distance the whole thing seemed like a slapstick show, a very long scene, from a Charlie Chaplin or Keystone Cops movie, over-the-top, violent, pathetic.

This, I think, is a great metaphor for what is wrong with society today. We are chewing with only one side of our political mouth and can't understand what those who are chewing on the other side are tasting.

The Orphan and the Bananas:
Proyecto de Vida

by Colette Morya


She told us his name, which we will change to José. She said he was the child who had the least time in the orphanage. She said that José's father was in jail and that his alcoholic mother is unable to take care of him. "He doesn't have any other siblings. He is very lonely."

José ran to the big table and, with great fervor, grabbed a banana. I watched as he just as eagerly devoured it, with such hunger for love, with such penury of soul; imagine not having a lousy banana.

At that moment, I reflected on the superficiality of my existence. I observed the privileges that I have and don't value. I witnessed my ingratitude towards life in a way I had never witnessed it before. How many times have I just mechanically eaten a banana and not even enjoyed it.

In the end, my best reward that day was José's goodbye. He came up to me at the exit to give me another hug, asking, "When will you come back?" "Soon, and I'm going to bring more bananas," I told him with a wink.

· San Miguel's School of Hard Knocks
Dr David, Editor / Publisher
The dog was barking ferociously, waiting its moment to sink its teeth in.
· Ruta Maya:
Journeying Towards Indigenous Wisdom

Colette Morya
...to hear again from those who were silenced by the conquerors...
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