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San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México

Mi Primer Huerto, Ecología - Curso de Verano
Sábados, inicia 6 de Agosto
Variete Circus
Saturday, August 6, 6pm
Bel Canto concierto / concert
Saturday, August 6, 7pm
Dúo Luna Poemas Sonoros - concert
Saturday, August 6, 7-9pm
Renace Street Art Festival
Sunday-Saturday, August 1-7
Aging, Longevity, and Spirituality, UU- spirit
Sunday, August 7, 10:30am, online
Festival Internacional TrasHumantes
Monday-Sunday, August 1-7 (Tango Conert, Wednesday)
Art Walk, Fabrica la Aurora
Saturday, August 13, 5-7pm
Round 5: Boxing Event
Saturday, August 13, 6pm
Colectiva SMA 2 - opening
Sunday, August 14, 12pm
Cabaret Concert, NYC-SMA
Sunday August 14, 1:30pm
The Codex Romanoff - theater
August-- 14 & 20, 3pm; 17, 7pm; 21, 3pm & 6pm
Festival de las Artes SMA
August 11-21, Many events every day - schedule
Chamber Music Festival de Música de Cámara
August, 12, 13, 18, 20, 26, 27
Live Music
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A More Perfect Union

by Dr. David, Editor / Publisher


After reading a half-dozen of his pieces, the only thing I know about him personally is that he has a dog. Keeping subjectivity out of news reporting is admirable, but when you are writing about the flowers of our rainy season, the reader expects a personal touch.

Perusing social media, I am amazed both at how viscious some of my neighbors are and how their horrible ugliness goes unchallenged by the community at large. They should be ashamed.

When we are physically present with people we are governed by deep-seated social mores. Online, free from such natural courtesies, even mild-mannered ex-reporters, give up the polite practices of decades and wildly strike out.

If you give the rat the same choice, but instead of isolating it, include in its cage everything a rat could want, friends, sexual partners, colored balls..., they hardly ever choose the drugged water...

Returning to Nature
Authentic Green Burial

by Felix Chancellor


Death and Life go together, hand in hand, in an intricate and interdependent cosmic dance that forms the flow and cycle of the Universe. Stars, viruses and all in between are ruled by the dynamic, loving dialogue between Life and Death.

Our habits, institutions, medicine, end-of-life and funerary practices all speak of our neurotic, dissociated relationship with the end of Life. We hold ourselves as somehow exclusive from Nature and its cycles; as if we hold dominion over Nature in that regard.

The earth, is a heap of carcasses: leaves, trees, deer, fungi, grass, bacteria, rocks, people, that has accumulated and been transformed by the earth and the Earth over millions of years. This transformation takes place elegantly, exquisitely, impeccably, with profound wisdom and poetry

Here in Mexico, it was the ancestral tradition to wrap the body in petate, a large and pliable weaving of plant leaves, which is now only commonly used as a floor covering.

Mexican Hand Signals

by Pat Hall


He said that if he were busy with one library patron, he could communicate across the room with other people using his hand to tell them that he would be with them soon.

I said Mexicans bow, too. The two of them said emphatically that Mexican don't bow. When I made the "thank you" gesture that is so widely used in Mexico, they answered simultaneously, in great astonishment, "We do bow".

The concept of cheap or stingy is conveyed in Mexico by tapping a bent elbow with the palm. This refers to the idea of wearing a sweater or jacket even though the elbows have been worn out.

Holding your clenched hand, palm facing outwards, up to your chest and pushing outwards toward the person to whom you are "speaking" indicates "you are irritating me".

He Killed a Kidnapper and Now He's in Jail
Mató a Secuestrador y Ahora Está en la Cárcel


Ramón, realizing the risk, took an old rifle, sharpened his aim, and lowered one of the aggressors.


El hombre a percatarse del riesgo, tomó un viejo rifle, afinó la puntería, y bajó a uno de los agresores.

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· Dating in the Time of Covid
Dr. David, Editor / Publisher
I don't think politics should prevent us from sitting down together and having a beer.
· Enormous Life Lesson
Maru Vázquez
Opening - Mujeres en el Arte, August 1

I have been able to give way to my wildest dreams and my deepest concerns.
· Una Enorme Enseñanza de Vida
Maru Vázquez

Inauguración - Mujeres en el Arte, Sábado, 13 de Agosto

He podido dar salida a mis más alocados sueños y mis más profundas inquietudes.
· Pre-Colombian Reinterpretations
Reinterpretaciones Precolombinas
Jared Jiménez

Opening - Saturday, August 6 - Inauguración

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